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Private Collections

While most classic car enthusiasts consider themselves fortunate to be well enough off to own a favorite car, some are able to own a collection of favorite cars. Typically, they have a dedicated garage and employ a mechanic to keep them in perfect shape.

We found one such collection in Lewisburg, West Virginia, and are pleased to have gotten permission to include these photos on our site.
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Shown above: a 1940 Dodge deluxe sedan and a 1947 Plymouth 4-door sedan

The collection includes three classics from the 1930's, two from the 1940's, and three cars and a tractor from the 1950's. A 1967 Plymouth GTX, a 1970 Charger, and a 1972 Challenger round out the collection.

When I returned to Greenbrier Motors to take photos of some of the cars outside, the garage door was open and plumes of white smoke we’re pouring out. Joe Godby was there starting the vehicles that I planned to shoot and checking on all the rest. He told me he was one of the few people who had a key to the facility and Bill’s permission to drive any of the vehicles, which he says he rarely does. We spoke for a while, and I could see that Joe knew every car inside and out, having done restoration work on most of them. He cares for them as if they were his own.

Article and photos by Stephen Sessa

Bill Talbott has seen and driven more cars than he can remember in the past 50years in the automobile business. But it wasn’t until a few years ago in Greensboro where he attended a Classic Car Auction that the collecting bug got him. Now years later Bill has an even dozen fully restored cars. In addition to being a gear head himself, he has the the expertise of his staff at Greenbrier Motors, in Greenbrier County West Va, to help him achieve the beauty of his collection. The 51 Mercurey is the pride and joy of the lot, a car he always wanted because his grandfather owned one. The one he found was in tough shape with a lot of rust, but after a lot of work, it is now a show stopper with a 5.7 Heme. Over 15 cow hides were needed to reupholster the interior. As we toured the collection I could see the satisfaction in Bill’s face, not the look of possession, but joy in finding a hobby that combined a keen interest in cars and a career that helped a lot of people get behind the wheel. I asked him if he drives them much, not as much as his grandson was the reply.
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Three Great American Cars in the Greenbrier Motors Collection
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1936 Ford Cabriolet Convertible
Rumble Seat
Original Engine
3 Speed Manual Transmission

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1951 Ford Deluxe Convertible

Flat Head V-8 Engine
3-Speed Manual Transmission

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1954 Chevy Bel Air

2-Door Deluxe
Blue Flame 6 Cylinder
3-Speed Manual Transmission

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