1951 Ford Deluxe Convertable


Before the war, Ford had lost its lead by lagging behind General Motors in upgrading their designs. Henry Ford II was determined to get it back, which he did with a bold new design. The Ford was almost completely redesigned with a new chassis and streamlined body. Gone for the first time were the protruding fenders and the high hood. The design earned the name "shoebox." The single bullet in the grille had a little in common with the radical design of the bullet nose Studebaker coming out in the same year. Ford would regain its lead in the popular market and once again lead the industry in forward thinking. The new design of the Ford was retained through the 1951 model, though in its third year, the single bullet was replaced with two bullets. For three years (’49-’52) changed only slightly. then the 1952 model ushered in a newer look that was more square and would again be modified gradually through 1956.

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